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1st Class on the TITANIC---
by: James Sorrell
***365 of the planet's richest people, (including Bill Gates), have as
$$$ as 2.6 BILLION of the poorest [which is totally obscene!!!]. That
only 43 more people than were in 1st Class on the TITANIC! [There were
of them] In order for these greedy rich to be so wealthy, they have to
billions poor, many homeless! In this ordered Universe, there are
blessings distributed by the 'Maker of All Things' to each of us; but
obscene rich have played the game of MONOPOLY for real and stolen away
opportunities of billions of people! They were initially given wealth
as a
shared trust, to see that all have some share in humanity {"Love your
neighbor as yourself" means that you see to it that your neighbor has
just as good as you do; all 6 billion of us on this "blue marble" are
neighbors & at least 33rd cousins--->Genesis 6:9 We ALL come from
Noah's 3
sons!}.....We should ALL have a share in humanity, but the rich hoard
instead of sharing, which was part of their deal that they ignore. In
USA, everyone (300 million) could be a millionaire if the rich were
millionaires (1 million $$ each). 'No poor, no homeless, no
dis-enfranchised' is the possibility when opportunities are equal for
the economy would be 90% better because everyone is a participating
and there would be no theft [99% gone]! It is time to start the
game all over again!!! In the opening part of the original film,
"Planet of
the Apes", actor Charlton Heston states the reason why he left modern
in a spaceship, never to return..."Because brother goes to war with
and men do nothing while their neighbor's children starve". We didn't
from animals, but began our existence as human; should we now act like
instinctual animals that live by "the survival of the fittest", where
is no love? Love is only something you can spend on God and other cannot spend it on yourself, or anything lower....that is
love; that is "self"! SEE--->"LOVE is the Real Thing" on or "Poverty is the worst form of violence." Mahatma Gandhi [The father of India's
freedom].....The 1st Class rich on the TITANIC learned the lesson of
equality too late: when the ship went down, they all went down
together, no
matter where you were on the boat! Will the rich learn now, before it
is too
late....when the poor of the planet sink the ship by burning the
world down, each city, in one night....the fuse lit and the chaos
spread by
instant planet-wide communication of the beginning event??----------[From: "The Life of Emile Zola".........."You know that people don't want to see the starved face of truth; they would much prefer perfumed lies".]----------The conscience of man must have another moment in time; in OUR time!---by Jim Sorrell

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