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Sexuality - Have You Got It? Absolutely!
by: Alex Max Parfumeur

I bet the first place you look, is in the Mirror. Right? And what do you see?
Most of us look there for our FLAWS.

Contrary to common belief, Sexuality is not in the Mirror! No. No. No. It's all inside you, and what you give to the outer world.

Oh yeah, Alex ...easy for you to say!
O.K. Go ahead, look in the Mirror. Let's start at the top, why not? Hair is sexy. (When it's clean.) Clean is sexy anytime, anyplace. No Hair, that's very SSSexy too. Ladies with No Hair should wear bright Lipstick and big
earings or something that says, "Yeah I have no hair, so what?"

Men with No Hair, well, everyone knows they are sexy. Lots of thick shinny hair is very sexy too.

Next, Look at that Body. Healthy is Sexy! Fat and Thin are Both Sexy when you are Healthy. O.K we're on a Roll...You're clean and healthy, you have hair or you don't. Give yourself three points.

So...WHERE is all that Sexuality?
Baby, it's in Your MIND! And if you don't think everyone is picking up on it, you are soooo wrong. We all have a sence of Sexuality. We all have it,the SECRET just have to KNOW YOU HAVE IT. Think it, I have Sexuality, I am a Sexual Being.

What about your clothes? When things hang out or when things are covered...
I like covered, I like to consider the options...Hanging out takes my concentration and puts it on those parts instead of the whole person. That's just my opinion. You should always choose for YOURSELF. People who think for themselves have a Confident Sexuality. I'm still working on that one. Hey, Alex I say to that Your Idea of You? Wait, I'm going back to the Mirror. Clean, healthy, hair, MIND...Confidence? Mostly! We are all a work in progress...Sexuality is the Whole Person Who is Constantly and Consistantly trying to Improve Themselves for THEMSELVES. This is what really shows. Own Your Body and Your Mind and Your Sexuality will come Oooozing out. YOU HAVE IT! YOU HAVE SEXUALITY...Now get out and throw it around and when people come on to you, JUST SMILE. You can Click on and check out Sex and Scent. Try some Naught Nights or Sweet Smell of Sexscess Read about those Male and Female Pheromones I slather into my Perfumes. Can't hurt!

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