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Very Simple, Easy Ideas For Your Date
by: Laura Hickey
Plan a romantic meal for two.

Youíve seen in movies, on TV and even in music videos couples enjoying a romantic dinner. But if youíre scratching your head, take a deep breathe and read on for some simple ways to create the romantic meal youíve always wanted.

You- Letís start with yourself. Choose an outfit that is sexy yet classy. Avoid excess use of chemical infused mousse, gel and hair spray. Smell is linked to memory so donít forget to put on a nice smelling body spray/perfume.

The Mood- Light candles around areas not near curtains, wires, etc... A scented candle may add or overpower your evening. Flowers all around can create a positive and great smelling scent. But make sure your date isnít allergic. You can also add flower petals on the floors, table tops and on top of the bed.

Music- Usually soft background music is best.

The meal- A home cooked meal has been known to impress their dates. But if youíre an awful cook, order some food to go. Along with some dessert.

Options before the dinner-

A massage- Massaging your dates back, neck and arms.

Bubble bath- A bubble bath with a glass of wine can be quiet romantic. Remember to clip your toe nails so you donít accidentally scratch your date.

Scrapbook- This idea may not seem all that romantic. But having a scrapbook of you two together with your first date, photos and other memories can be a cherishing gift.

A treasure hunt- Leave little notes that lead your date to a candle lit dinner under the moon and stars.

Perhaps send a romantic invitation to avoid your date showing up under dressed. Being relaxed will help your date relax as well. You don't need to spend hundred's to achieve a romantic evening. Showing your date you've tried can sometimes be enough. Good luck!

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